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My name’s Anastasia, and I’m a nonbinary, autistic writer (and former firefighter) currently pursuing my PhD in English and creative nonfiction. You’ll find out more about me as you scroll down. First, Let me tell you about this newsletter.

Assembling Remnants is a space for reflection and connection. In the past year I’ve written about saying goodbye to social media, calibrating narrative voice in memoir, my autism diagnosis, and Virginia Woolf’s “The Death of the Moth.”

This newsletter is both personal and literary. Along with my own writing, I also feature monthly interviews with writers I love and admire.

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“I love Anastasia's newsletter for their compelling and beautiful writing about ecology, bodies, and finding a place in the world. I appreciate the insight into the writing process of a researched memoir and can't wait for the book!” -Rey

“Anastasia’s newsletter is truly one of my favs!! I loved signing up for the paid version. Sometimes when i feel lonely, I come to binge read a few essays.” -Emily

“I've been a big fan of Anastasia's newsletter for over two years now. Whether they are offering book proposal workshops or they write about their life and work, the newsletter is a source of inspiration and instruction. I'm especially grateful for their willingness to be vulnerable and authentic about their journey.” -Paul

“Thank you for your relentless kindness and desire for justice.” -Unmana

“Anastasia puts experiences that I have also had into words in a way that I didn’t know was possible.” -Caitlin

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Who writes Assembling Remnants?

Me! My name is Anastasia Selby— I’m a graduate of the Syracuse University MFA program, where I received my MFA in fiction. There, I worked with George Saunders, Arthur Flowers, Dana Spiotta, Jenny Offill, Yiyun Li, Jonathan Dee, and Eleanor Henderson, amongst others.

I write fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Currently I am a PhD candidate in English literature and creative nonfiction

Like nearly everyone, I exist at the intersection of many identities. I am white, nonbinary, autistic, queer, fat, and I live with an autoimmune disorder. Assembling Remnants is a safe and cultivated space, where people of all backgrounds are welcome.

My path to writing was a circuitous one, and I have a unique perspective (just like everyone else).

I spent my twenties working as a wildland firefighter. At 32 years-old, I put myself through college and received my BA in English and textual studies (also from Syracuse). I graduated summa cum laude, with honors, while working 30 hours a week as a restaurant server and nanny. In addition to English, I also studied Hindi and film criticism.

In academia I explore the realms of film, archival research, eco-criticism, diaspora studies, Indigenous histories, queer theory, nature writing, fiction, archives, and South Asian studies.

My work has been published in the Bellevue Literary Review, Boulevard, Allure, Vox, High Country News, Autostraddle, The New Ohio Review, Healthline, Bitch, The Unpublishable, and Vice, amongst others.

My first book, HOTSHOT, is forthcoming from Grove Press.

As someone whose path has been nonlinear, I am interested in the boundaries and borders the define our worlds; their geographical, ethnographic, physical, conceptual, legal, linguistic, historical, racial, and ecological.

I am interested especially in cultural conceptions of identity: the powerful stories which envelope us from the outside and internally, and how those relate to writing, publishing, and craft. What we carry with us, what is scattered and lost and kept, and what is fractured and splintered.

Assembling Remnants is not a space limited to people with specific backgrounds and experiences. All are welcome here.

I spent a lot of my life thinking I wasn’t really a writer.

Sometimes, I still question the role of writer in our culture and world.

I am obsessed with dissolving the ways in which artistic, academic, and writerly spaces reject those who diverge from “traditional” ways of thinking, while only embracing experimentation if it exists within the confines of what’s already been deemed acceptable.

I am obsessed with dissolving the ways in which artistic, academic, and writerly spaces dismiss important work on the grounds that it isn’t literary, academic, or artistic enough.

I am obsessed with examining the credible and reliable as well as the unreliable and unproven.

I am obsessed with finding ways in which we, as people who make and create art and ourselves, can continuously free ourselves from the cultures which both inspire and constrain us.

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Anastasia is a former hotshot, a PhD candidate in English & creative writing, & an autistic nonbinary person. Their nonfiction book, HOTSHOT, is forthcoming from Grove Press (Spring 2025). They hold an MFA in fiction from Syracuse University.